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About Firsthome.NG Platform
Mortgage is a Tool

No wise man would use bare hands to till the ground when there are various agricultural implements available for him to utilize! 

So also it wise to procure a Mortgage Finance to acquire a property right and now! As against putting money aside with the goal of self building or buying, you ask why? The cost of materials and cost of building would not remain static.

That being said as experts in the Mortgage sub sector, FirstHome Mortgage Brokers Ltd understands the terrain and is therefore offering to help individuals navigate the process with the aim of saving each applicant, time and money.

The First question each person desirous of owning a home should ask is what is my affordability? This question is the key 🔑 to understanding the most suitable mortgage product? The type of property I can acquire, the location and all relevant questions.

Indeed it takes a lot to achieve behavioral change in adults so we understand the resistance people put towards professional guidance. It’s easier to continue to do things the same way even when the route had yielded no result . 

The IT infrastructure providing this prequalification service is a private initiative and not a government service, as such it is not sustainable to provide such services for free. 

The best that Firsthome Mortgage Brokers LTD and their Technical partners Wiretooth Technologies LTD can do is to render the services at the most basic cost profile, N3,500 plus VAT

We thank you for trusting us to guide your home ownership process, we wish you a seamless and satisfactory experience. 

The service

1) You download via google playstore or IOS.

2) You fill in your data and make the payment , follow the prompt as seen.

3) Submit your form.

4) Check your email for your affordability test results all within a second.

5) Watchout for the schedule of properties within your evaluated affordability.

6) Pick your preferred property/ submit details any other option you may have.

7) As you are inching towards achieving your dream, physical inspection will be arranged, precise process for each mortgage product will be provided

8) Completion of this process : You get your own customized referral ID with which you earn referral fees and get to help other people get started on their own home ownership journey

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